Rare diseases: a project that brings a smile

In Europe, 3 million people are affected by oro-dental pathologies caused by rare diseases. The Interreg ‘Oro-dental manifestations of rare diseases’ project focuses its work on the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of such pathologies. It brings together leading German and French universities, hospitals and research laboratories in Strasbourg, Freiburg and Heidelberg, as well as associative partners.

Recognising and diagnosing anomalies

Oro-dental anomalies caused by rare diseases concern the number, shape, size, structure and the eruption or resorption of teeth.
If a diagnosis can be made early enough, the specialist is able to advise the child patient and their family on how to implement a preventive care programme to improve the appearance, function and maintaining of dental health until adulthood.

Understanding the issues of the programme

The presentation leaflet provides information on the research teams and their work, but also to understand the issues involved in the project. How to improve patient treatment? How to raise healthcare professionals’ awareness of oro-dental health?
Download the leaflet
(2.7 Mo / A3 Format – 3 sections).